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Asylum centre in DE-Fellbach Experience and diversity Constructional requirements Different applications The U.K. relies on mobile buil made from residential cabins! The current lack of accommodation for asy- lum seekers requires rapid action from many local authorities. Last year CONTAINEX built numerous accommodation blocks made from cabin modules for asylum seekers. The modular construction allows for a variety of design possibilities. Thanks to their flexibility, accommodation blocks can be installed in any size or configuration on any site that has an electricity connection, a running water supply and a drainage channel. The modular system also takes into account constructional requirements, e.g. fire protection etc. Due to these high-quality facilities, operating costs can be reduced to a minimum. The high production capacity of CONTAINEX the cabins and modular sytems are produced in our European factories ena- bles quick delivery times. The systems can be expanded and re-used for a wide range of applications. Examples include club houses, youth centres, event centres, replacement buildings for building restorations etc.